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Welcome to HangCon

Get ready for the ultimate hammock adventure at HangCon, the largest hammock hang in the world You won't want to miss out on the food, exciting classes, and group activities that we have in store for you. Plus, there's a huge raffle with incredible prizes! Come join us and experience the joy of hanging out with friends and family in the most relaxing way possible. See you there!


Lots Of Vendors!!

Vendors are set up during the event so you can visit with the makers of some of the best hammocks, tarps, quilts, knives and gear around.

Breakfast and dinner is provided during the event. And I must say, it's some of the best that you will have while out camping.


Great Food!!


HUGE Raffle!!

HUGE raffle with thousands of dollars in gear to be won. 

HangCon Tarp.jpg
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