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  • Can I come early before the events opening date?
    In simple terms. No. If you are there at the campground early before the event, you will be asked to leave once we have the park rented out until the official opening of the event, or be charged $50 per person, per night, that you are there while the park is rented out to us.
  • Are adult beverages allowed?
    Yes. Adult beverages are allowed at the event, but just remember that it is a family event and not to let it get out of hand.
  • Can I have my vehicle parked at my camp spot?
    No. All vehicles must be parked in the designated parking area after you drop your gear off at the site you choose to camp in. There will be no vehicles allowed back in the primitive area at all, so you will have to pull up to one of the entrances to the primitive area, unload you gear, and then move your vehicle to the designated parking area. Any vehicle that must be used as your shelter or a part of it will fall in the same category as a camper, RV, bus, or van, and will be charged $45.00 per night. ( See the guidelines for campers, RVs, buses, and vans here ) The exception to this is for motorcycles. Motorcycles can be parked next to your camp area, but they must be kept tight to your hammock as not to take up a lot of extra space.
  • Do I have to be a hammock hanger to come and be apart of the event?
    No. Tent campers are welcome to join us too, but we will try and convert you and show you the way of the tree dwellers.
  • Are pets allowed?
    Yes, you can bring your fur baby as long as they are kept on a leash 6 feet or shorter. Some people may have a fear of dogs so keeping them on a leash is a must during the event. Do not allow your pets to mark their territory on other members property.
  • Do I have to be present during to win at the gear giveaway drawing?
    Yes. You must be present to win a prize at the gear giveaway drawing if your number is called. If your number is called and you are not there to verify your number, we will move on and a new number will be called.
  • Are there showers?
    There are hot showers on site. But make sure to bring your own soap, shampoo, towel and wash cloth.
  • I will be flying in to attend HangCon. What are the best airports to use?
    If you are planning on flying in to join us at HangCon, the best options for airports to use would be. ​ St. Pete–Clearwater International Airport - 14700 Terminal Blvd #221, Clearwater, FL 33762 Tampa International Airport - 4100 George J Bean Pkwy, Tampa, FL 33607 Orlando International Airport - 1 Jeff Fuqua Blvd, Orlando, FL 32827
  • Are there restrooms?
    Yes. There are flushable restrooms available to use.
  • How much does it cost to attend the event?
    There is a $25.00, non refundable fee per person (18 & up) to join us for the event which covers the cost of camping, food, etc. for the weekend. That fee includes 5 tickets for our huge Saturday night gear giveaway drawing. Persons under the age of 18 get in for free. No tickets for the gear giveaway will be given to those under the age of 18.
  • Are eating plates and utensils provided?
    No. We ask that everyone brings their own mess kits to use for the meals. We will have a few available for sale if you happen to forget yours.
  • Are meals included?
    Yes. Breakfast and Dinner are included if you choose. Lunch on the other hand is not. You have to provide that for yourself or buy it from the kitchen..
  • Do I have to have my ticket with me to get into the event?
    Yes. When you register and buy your tickets, you will get a conformation email with your printable tickets which will have your unique reference number and QR code on it. You must have your tickets with you for us to scan before you can enter the event. If you do not have your tickets with you for us to scan the QR code, you will be required to purchase them there at the event.
  • Are campers, RVs, buses, and vans allowed?
    Yes. Campers, RVs, buses, and vans are allowed, however, they will be in a dedicated area and there will be a $45 per night fee. This is on a strict pre arranged bases and there are only a set number of spaces that we allow for them, so please reach out to us if you plan on coming in a camper, RV, bus, or van. If you do not pre arrange and reserve a spot prior to getting there, we can not grantee you a spot.
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